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Email, contact details, health fund info

Privacy and data use transparency, is important because we live in a digital age and your health information, contact details, DOB etc is data that you shouldn't share unnecessarily, and when you do share, you should feel confident of how it will be stored and used

Email - If you send an email it's purely for communication. I don't have an email mailing list, meaning I don't send out bulk emails.

Phone numbers and contact details - I won't contact people for reasons other than an appointment they have booked.

Health Fund Rebates - Health funds require me to save health records for a few years. Your health fund is able to ask to inspect these records. Otherwise the records are not seen by anyone else and are not stored electronically. 

On health record forms, the main things I need to know are about, are recent injuries and any ongoing conditions or medications. This is so I am careful around areas which might still be painful and I can treat appropriately.

Many medications can make people a bit drowsy or feel dizzy when getting up from the massage table, but perfectly fit people also get this, so everyone is told to get on and off the massage tables very slowly. Let me know if your medication or condition means you need help getting off the table, or you need a step to help you get on the table.

Paypal surcharge, Towel fee 

PayPal surcharge. This is simply passing on the PayPal fee to the customer, and is in keeping with PayPal's policy allowing for this to be done. Their fee is 2.6% plus 30c per transaction. 

It is recommended that you use your PayPal balance or pay from your linked account, otherwise for credit cards PayPal charges an additional fee (2.4% plus 30c), hence you would incur a double fee.

Sheets and towels surcharge. Having people use their owns towels/sheets is good for the environment, as the towel/sheet can be used more than once.  This is also a way to make infection control prevention easier and safer.  

Feedback, Comments, Reviews, Website

Feedback and comments - I welcome all feedback and am always trying to improve the way I do things. Make sure you speak to me while I am with you, face to face if your not happy with your treatment. I can give you additional time or a discount, so that things can be made right immediately. I want everyone to be pleased and wanting to book again.

Reviews - If you enjoyed your massage treatment and found it beneficial, it would be great if you left a review on Google, Facebook  or Whitecoat. I love to hear when people are happy, and reviews help more people to find me. Thank you in advance :) 

Website - Please let me know if the website doesn't view well on your device or browser. Switching to desktop view on some mobile devices sometimes helps, this seems to be a problem with the Vistaprint template.